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Need a background check of a person of Latin American origin?
Backgroundchecklatam is the quick and reliable solution.

Just a search away from INSTANTLY obtaining :

  • Identity verification
  • Criminal, police, courts and sex offender records in the country of origin
  • Latin American global watchlist screening
  • Latin American global sanction database
  • Identification of politically exposed persons in Latin America
  • Screening for money laundering sanctions and terrorist financing activities
  • News published in mainstream media for person you are searching

Private and confidential searches for 14 countries

Your reputation and safety are a priority,
Protect it with experts.


Online and unlimited reports

How does it work?

To investigate the history of an individual with a global scope, select the country where the person is from and introduce the identity number or full name and surname. In a matter of seconds, the information provided is checked by our system which verifies if the individual is registered in the chosen country.

What is it? is an Online Background Check System that verifies identities and screens people from 14 countries in Latin America. The algorithm processes billions of public records from official government sources and accurately sorts the data for the convenience of our clients; a report is released immediately for fast interpretation.

Immediate Access and Unlimited Reports

Once the online membership is registered, a password will be sent to the provided email for unlimited access to reports for the duration of the subscription. The screening process determines whether a person has faced criminal charges or dealt with a conviction in the past and verifies if the person has pending criminal cases; as well as other valuable information.

Backgroundchecklatam complies with the highest international standards stipulated by the different authorities, and national and international laws against money laundering and terrorist financing in Latin America.

  • The 40 GAFI recommendations
  • Basel Principles
  • Wolfsberg recommendations
  • Recommendations contemplated in the directives of the European Union
  • USA’s UIF recommendations
  • Recommendations from the financial units of Latin American countries

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